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✅ Make sure before the call you have prepared a list of what kind of help you need with us.


✅ Makes sure for all the authentications, like facebook, Instagram, Emails, Funnels, Automations, you have working username and password,.


✅ This call will last for 30 minutes only. Make sure you be specific with the problem you’re facing and discuss the major problem first.


✅ You may have received an email with zoom link and you’ll also get automoated reminders 24 hours before, 1 hour before and 5 minutes before our call. So you don’t miss the call.


✅ Call support space is limited, so please make sure you show up during the call.


✅ Make sure you’re at calm space with your laptop or desktop.


✅ We have to cancel the call if you’re joining it while driving or doing some personal work.


✅ If you want to cancel the call let us know 24 hours before.

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